Mission and vision of European Dairy Farmers (EDF)

Logo_EDF_-_COLOR_Standard (1)European Dairy Farmers (EDF) e.V. is a club of visionary dairy farmers. It serves as a platform for the exchange of ideas, experiences and knowledge on international level from farmer to farmer. EDF is a non-political, impartial and independent club driven by progressive farmers. The club language is English.


Two German institutions, the German Agricultural Society (DLG, Frankfurt/Main) and the Thünen-Institute (TI, Federal Research Institute for Rural Areas, Forestry and Fisheries, Braunschweig, formerly known as FAL) were founders of EDF. In cooperation with leading European dairy farmers the club was established in Stoneleigh, UK, in 1990.

Mission and Vision

EDF aims at…

Connecting dairy farmers and other players in the dairy sector across Europe.
Exchanging information with real farmers, based on real figures.
Finding inspiration through exchange of ideas and positive attitude.
Creating value, both for the farmers, and for the society as a whole.
The club is an eye-opener for everyone who wants to learn how others work their way towards sustainable milk production. The longterm goal of the EDF is to include all European (dairy) regions but it is also open to create partnerships with major dairy regions in the world. EDF shall be “the place to be” for dairy farmers and for all those interested in the future of dairy farming.


EDF is a club from farmers for farmers. More than 70% of the members must be active dairy farmers. Only up to 30% of the members can be advisors, scientists, agribusiness partner and other interested dairy people. EDF’s highest decision-making body is the General Assembly. The EDF president, two vice presidents and the members of the EDF council are elected by the General Assembly. The members of the EDF council represent their own countries. The EDF council decides about issues of the daily business. All elected representatives have to be active farmers.


In all its benchmarking activities, EDF is supported by the Scientific Team for Analysis and Research (EDF STAR). EDF STAR are scientists, advisors and dairy experts from the EDF countries. In order to run the day to day business, including the organization of events/activities and the coordination of projects, EDF employs a general manager and a dairy economist.

For more information, visit the website www.dairyfarmer.net