GDF congress 2015 and VIV Asia

melkstal in ChinaThe GDF Congress 2015 which will take place in Thailand and Vietnam from March 10-17 2015. Please note that the registration deadline for the 2nd round is set on November 30th, 2014!

Visit to Asian dairy farms

The focus of the conference will lie with learning about the dairy industry in South-East Asia. We will discuss about strategy and future developments with key speakers and learn about and from local dairy farmers by visiting dairy farms (that represent the actual situation for Vietnam and Thailand). The key topic of the conference will be: “Managing continuity of dairy farms” (education and knowledge exchange), with the sub theme: “Safe milk production”. How can we support and promote continuity of Asian dairy farms. And what could the strong development towards packaged milk mean for us.

Some highlights of the GDF Congress:

Visit newly established farm projects in Thailand & Vietnam
Visit VIV Asia including the dairy conference and networking events
Overall introduction and key speakers on the dairy sector in Asia with future developments
Visit cultural highlights in Bangkok and Ho Chi Min City

Aanmelden kan via de website tot 30 november a.s.